"One only sees well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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Stuttgart, 11.1.2019, Foto F.Hochscheid
The year starts with concerts in Hannover, Stuttgart, Basel and Poland
Matteo joins his father on stage where they sing just beautifully together and also joke a little bit. The audience is enchanted
Stuttgart, 11.1.2019, Foto F.Hochscheid
In February Andrea's concert is part of the spectacular  Winter at Tantora Festival in the Al-Ula Valley in Saudi Arabia,

before he goes to the United States to give several concerts in Florida

-joined again by his son Matteo-
Metropolitan Opera New York City, Feb 2019, photo by F.Hochscheid
and above all two pure classic concerts in the legendary Metropolitain Opera in New York.
Spring and summer bring a lot of more concerts all over the world from Mexico to Scandinavia, from South Africa to the UAE, from Poland to Russia and finally Italy for a marvellous concert in the prestigius Teatro San Carlo in Naples,

Teatro San Carlo, Naples, May 20, /22, 2019, photo L. Rossetti
as well as in Finland, Russia, South Africa, Lebanon and again in the US and Canada in summer
In July the Teatro del Silenzio reopens in July for two days with the performance of "Ali di Libertà"

Very special concerts in the ancient theaters in Taormina, Sicily/ Italy
and Athens, Greece follow

In November Andrea Bocelli sings at the Unesco General conference in Paris Amazing Grace 
The year ends with many more concerts such as in the UK. in Budapest in Prague

and in the US






































Then around February/March 2020 the Corona Covid 19 Pandemic hits the world and stops also all concert activities
Andrea gives one concert
all by himself in and in front of the Duomo in Milan at Easter 2020. The Concert for Hope
is streamed all over the world and watched by many millions of people
All over the year Andrea however appears in many TV Shows in many countries.
  By the end of the year around Christmas wonderful concerts at spectacular places, such as the Grotte di Frassasi, the Teatro di Parma, the Cathedral of Assisi, are presented to a huge public by streamings and TV
In occasion of the concert Believe in Christmas little Virginia enters the big world of show and culture, singing like an angel Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah with her Daddy

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