"One only sees well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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In February, he goes to the main competition in Sanremo with "Con Te Partiro" and takes fourth place.
In the meantime, his first son Amos is born (February 22).
In the spring, his second album "Bocelli" is released.
In the summer, he undertakes a concert-tour in Europe, including Russia and especially Italy, and for the first time some places in America.
In the autumn, his third album "Viaggio Italiano" appears.
In November, he tours in Belgium and Holland with the Night of the Proms. He sings "Miserere" and "Funiculi, Funicula" with John Miles. Al Jarreau says enthusiastically that he has sung with the most beautiful voice in the world.
He gives further concerts.
 On May 22, 1996 
he sings Nessun Dorma at the final of the European soccer Championsleague
On November 23, he sings together with English soprano Sarah Brightman (ex-wife of musical-king Andrew Lloyd Weber) in Germany. They sing as a parting song for Henry Maske's last fight, a different version of his "Con Te Partiro", "Time to Say Goodbye". The song breaks all sales records afterwards in the record industry, and remains on the top ten on the German hit parade for almost a half year.
His fourth album "Romanza" is released in spring. 18 million copies will be sold of it!
On March 3, he appears with Sarah Brightman in Hamburg, Germany, to receive the Echo award for "Best Single of the Year.
In August, he appears at the Puccini Festival in Torre del Lago, and then at the World Youth Festival in Paris, where he sings in the presence of the Pope John Paul II and 800 000 people.
In summer, he gives 22 open air concerts in Germany, and also one additional indoor concert in Oberhausen on August 31.
In the beginning of September he performs in concert at the Piazza dei Cavalieri in Pisa for the home video "A Night in Tuscany." His guests are Nuccia Focile, Sarah Brighman and Zucchero.
On September 14 in Munich, Germany, he receives an Echo Klassik for his album, "Viaggio Italiano." Another award winner is the violinist Vanessa May.
On the occasion of the Eucharist-congress on September 27 in Bologna, he sings again in presence of the Pope.
On October 8, his second son Matteo was born.
On October 19, he sings at the Telefood benefit concert for FAO (An organization dedicated to the fight against world hunger) at the Vatican. Among the performers: José Carreras.
On October 25, he receives the Bambi award in the category "Klassik" in Cologne, Germany.
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