La Boheme
2000 (November 7)
record company:
Sugar / Decca
order number
464 060-2
It is like a dream for me. When I was young La Bohème was probably the first opera that I would listen to entirely. I remember I liked to listen to La Bohème, but every time I stopped almost until the end. It was so sad for me when Mimi dies that I stopped it every time.
My goal is to bring this music to the people, especially the young, so I chose a simple opera. La Bohème is very useful to listen to, but not simple because La Bohème is very difficult to perform.
I think that it is very important to perform opera on stage, but in studio it is possible to looking for perfection. Of course we cannot find it, the perfection, but we can be looking for it. And I like to perform in studio, because I am very much more tranquil.
In the beginning to perform an opera the first condition is to be able to identify yourself to the character, and Rodolfo is a poet. He is also a young man, who fall in love for a moment, so many simple things of the life. Many times I have had the impression, that my life it was close to his life. He is very contemporary, he does the things that everyone today can do. He falls in love, he works, he has many problems, because he has no money.
 Puccini is a "musica dei sentimenti", the music of feelings, of passion, of tears. I love very much his music, because it tears the feelings from us.
It was a big dream for me, because there is a big cast and a great conductor. Maestro Zubin has been really very close to me, before we began the recording, and I am sure to have learned many things with him.
Everyone knows, that Barbara is one of the best opera singers at the world in this moment, and her voice is perfect and she is also a big musician.
Zubin Mehta:
You know, to work with Andrea Bocelli is such a pleasure. First of all he is an inquiring mind, he wants to know all the time "why?", musically speaking. He is an extremely ardent worker. Thank God he has the strength of Hercules. He came completely prepared. He not only knew his part, he knew all other parts… he is super prepared.
I must tell you, I am very pleased that the entire cast is Italian. I don't want to be a racist about this, but the fact, that Italian is pronounced in this version so perfectly is …even the music sounds different.
Barbara Frittoli is probably today one of the finest Italian lady singers with Cecilia Bartoli. (…) And for her also to sing the first time with Andrea, side by side not knowing how they would float in space together musically. And she did it from the first moment without any problem, because Andrea is so flexible.
I am very happy for the outcome of this record. It was a pleasure from the beginning to the end, from Rodolfo to the smallest part.
Barbara Frittoli:
I first met Andrea Bocelli at the airport. And we was leaving for Israel for this La Bohème, for this record. It was nice to work with Andrea, because he is very funny, very sympathetic and he worked hard.
 the courtesy of Universal Music, Hamburg, Germany