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Besame mucho, Because we believe

Enjoy the  Andrea Bocelli Amore video

tracklist US/ Canada
  1. Amapola
  2. Bésame Mucho
  3. Les Feuilles Mortes (Autumn Leaves)
Mi Manchi  - featuring Kenny G
Somos Novios (It's Impossible) - Duet with Christina Aguilera
  6. Solamente Una Vez
  7. Jurame
  8. Pero Te Extraño
Canzoni Stonate -
Feat. Stevie Wonder on harmonica and vocals
10. L'Appuntamento
11. Cuando Me Enamoro
Can't Help Falling In Love - Live At Lake Las Vegas
13. Because We Believe
Ama Credi E Vai (Because We Believe)


tracklist international
  1. Amapola
  2. Bésame
  3. Les Feuilles Mortes (feat.
Veronica Berti)
  4. Mi Manchi (feat.
Kenny G)
  5. Somos Novios (duet with Christina Aguilera)
6. Solamente Una Vez
Jurame (feat. Mario Reyes on Flamenco Guitar)
Pero te Extraño
  9. Canzoni Stonate (feat.
Stevie Wonder on harmonica, add. voc)
10. L'appuntamento
11. Cuando Me Enamoro
Can't Help Falling in Love (Live at Lake Las Vegas version)
13. Estate
14. Momentos
15. Because We Believe
tracklist Latin version "Amor"
1.        Bésame Mucho
2.        Canción Desafinada (con Stevie Wonder a la armónica)
3.        Solamente Una Vez
4.        Somos Novios (a dúo con Christina Aguilera)
5.        Jurame (con Mario Reyes-Guitarra Flamenca)
6.        Pero te Extraño
7.        Las Hojas Muertas (con Veronica Berti)
8.        Momentos
9.        Me Faltas (con Kenny G)
10.     Cuando Me Enamoro
11.     Porque Tú Me Acostumbraste
12.     Amapola
13.     Verano (Estate) 
14.     Nuestro Encuentro (Sentado a ‘Beira do Camihno)

re-release November 2006
DVD + 9 track bonus CD in two different packages (1 DVD box and 1 digipack).
The DVD is the standard DVD including the Lake Las Vegas show, making off Amore (EPK interviews), photo gallery and Lake Las Vegas trailer, the CD is a compilation of album tracks. Some retailers get additional bonus tracks.
International-non Spanish language
1.    Amore Version II, including the new cover and 2 bonus tracks (Tu me Acostumbraste and Somos Novios, solo version). This new version features Can’t Help Falling in Love in a duet version with Kathrine McPhee (American Idol runner up) and Canzoni Stonate with Stevie Wonder in a new edit.
2.    Amore Special Edition, a digipack containing the above mentioned new Amore version + a 6 track DVD with footage from the Lake Las Vegas show
3.    Under The Desert Sky – stand alone DVD including the Lake Las Vegas show, making off Amore (EPK interviews), photo gallery and Lake Las Vegas trailer in a regular DVD package (cover attached).
International Spanish language
1.    Amor version II includes Because We Believe as bonus track
2.    Amor Special Edition has a custom made Spanish version of the bonus DVD
3.    Under the Desert Sky DVD is the same, only with a Spanish language booklet.
Scandinavian version
Standard version II including Because We Believe in a duet with Swedish singer Carola and the original (close up) cover
Japanese version
Standard version II including Somos Novios in a duet with Japanese singer Rimi Natsukawa and the original (close up) cover but with a different slipcase.

Classical repertoire waits in the wings as romantic
Pop standards take center stage
"This is one of the most important albums of my career. It is the album the world has been waiting for from Andrea Bocelli."— David Foster
(November 15, 2005- New York, NY) Sugar/Philips Records are proud to announce the release of Andrea Bocelli’s new album, Amore- a stunningly sophisticated collection of beloved love songs and pop standards to be released on January 31, 2006.
Romance. Passion. Emotion. These words are synonymous with the voice of Andrea Bocelli. Almost ten years ago he exploded onto the international music scene with Romanza and has since sold nearly 50 million albums worldwide. Amore- released amongst the glamour of the Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy (where he will perform at the closing ceremony) and the romance of Valentine’s Day finds Andrea straying from the carefully groomed classical ground that he is most familiar with. The concept of the album came from famed producer and longtime Bocelli fan, David Foster along with co-producers Humberto Gatica and Tony Renis who posed the question: Why not take the most beautiful love songs of the world and pair them with the most romantic voice in the world? The result is a flowingly beautiful album of pop standards that Foster has publicly claimed is "one of the most beautiful records I have ever been part of."
Embarking on a new era, Amore unveils a fresh sensuous sound that gently moves Bocelli into new territory. Spanish guitars flourish, traditional Latin percussion seductively keeps the tempo, accordions and harmonicas provide charming melodies, while sometimes Andrea shares the spotlight with just a grand piano. Recorded late in the summer at Bocelli’s Tuscan home studio overlooking the coast, the album exudes the natural beauty and breathtaking surroundings evident in Italy. Amore marks the only album David Foster has made outside of his Californian studio complex in two decades. This was also most musically gratifying to date for Andrea; "…I’ve been presented with opportunities I once could only dream of, challenges I longed to confront and experiences I will cherish forever, but while recording this album I realized that now is the perfect moment to arrive at an album of this repertoire, with the perfect producers, the perfect musicians and the perfect selection of songs."
While creating the perfect track listing for Bocelli’s first-ever album of popular songs, Andrea and his producers searched the musical eras from the1920s to1980s for songs in Italian, Spanish and French. Andrea also added some of his favorite international pop songs including- (to name a few) Italian classics "L’Appuntamento" and "Quando M’Innamoro," Latin American hits "Besame Mucho" and "Solamente Una Vez" and French standard "Les Feuille Mortes" which has become the much loved English standard- "Autumn Leaves." Solamente Una Vez (a hit as "You Belong To My Heart" for stars including Elvis Presley and Bing Crosby) and ‘Somos Novios’ (famously an English language hit as ‘It’s Impossible’ for Perry Como) are also highlights of the album. The end result is Bocelli’s amazingly beautiful interpretation of classics made popular by legendary vocalists such Edith Piaf and Luis Miguel to Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.


Amore features a stellar line up of the world’s finest instrumentalists, who between them have worked with virtually every major artist of recent eras; Electric and acoustic guitarists, Dean Parks (Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, BB King) and Michael Landau (Pink Floyd, Joni Mitchell, Miles Davis); on Spanish guitars, mandolin, charango, bajo-sexto and vihuela Ramon Stagnaro (Luis Miguel, Alejandro Sanz, Enrique Iglesias); on bass Nathan East (Eric Clapton, Phil Collins); on drums Vinnie Colaiuta (Sting, Marcus Miller, David Sanborn); on piano and keyboards Randy Waldman (Barbara Streisand, Kenny G, George Benson); on percussion Paulinho Da Costa (Prince, Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock) and Rafaela Padilla (Gloria Estefan, Alejandro Sanz); on trumpet the acclaimed soloist Chris Botti and other guest artists to be announced.
Andrea Bocelli will be performing two exclusive concerts in Las Vegas on December 9 and 10, 2005. He will debut a song written by David Foster with lyrics by Andrea Bocelli and Amy Gillies for the 2006 Winter Olympics entitled "Because We Believe" at these concerts which will be filmed for a March PBS special.


text courtesy Universal Music

Andrea's first message about Amore
AB:  “Close yet far away”, I say it this way because this is the way I always open my written messages..  As you can see, this is the room where we are working, and I’ll soon tell you soon with whom we are working.  Now, to my right, the first guardian angel, Valerio, one of the “geniuses” who operates the infernal machines called computers.  Then there’s, Paolo, colleague and musician whom you already know because he worked on Melodrama and so many songs we have written together.  Then there’s the eminent of songs, the boss of  bosses, David Forster.  He will say a few things, but he will say them in English. 
DF:  You know I wanted to do a trick on everybody; I wanted to have somebody speak in Italian while I just mouth the words.  You understand? All right.  Never mind, its o.k.
AB:  Since David F will not make his presentation, then there’s a voice you may have heard from backstage, a small surprise, Toni Renis
More than anyone else, he has wanted this work, he desired it, he has encouraged it, and I almost must say he has imposed it... No, it’s not true, not true, it’s a work that all of us we have loved since the beginning,  About this work, I cannot say anything at the moment, because I will give away the surprise.  But I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the many birthday wishes you have sent me for my birthday  and apologize for the long dry spell from the site, but, I have not abandoned you, in the sense that I have worked always every day continually. I send you a dear hug and a long distance thank you to Massimiliano, Ballanti and Renate who always take care of the site.   I hope to see you soon. Ciao
(Toni Renis interrupts, they all speak at once)
DF:  Wait Andrea!  Toni you translate for me?  Yes?  Well, I really am happy to be talking to Andreas fans because I am the biggest of all AB fans. So, right now I’m doing what every fan would love to be doing, that is working with AB.  And with the most modesty that I can possibly muster up I say this is going to be the greatest album in the world.
AB:  At this point, because our 2:00 o’clock, it’s time for a coffee. I will pay a coffee to you.
DF:  OK, we go for a coffee. Ciao
transcript/translation Nilsa (Piccina)  
(October 20, 2005) online video at the official site
Andrea's second message about Amore
Andrea (in Italian): Well: for all the friends of the website “Andrea Bocelli,” for all the friends scattered around the world; you all probably remember our meeting the other time where already I introduced almost all the staff who collaborated on this disk beginning with Valerio, Pierpaolo, the hidden Tony Renis and David Foster who today left for LA to finish the album there. But missing the other time our „gray eminence“ (important man with much experience, mostly acting in the background)… the gray eminence for many reasons: He is the one who mostly...almost more than everyone he wanted it (the disc), thought  of (in sense of „cared for“...) it, chose many things, treated the sound since the first day and he, above all, helped me with the Spanish language because I didn’t know anything about Spanish and instead now I have learned „some words“ (Andrea says „some words“ in Spanish here) and now I present him to you. Many of you know him because he is already famous, I would say famous all around the world... (annalisa)
Humberto Gattica (in Spanish): Firstly thank you for giving me the opportunity of collaborating with one of the great voices in this planet, a human being with a terrific musical sensibility and I hope this project gets to the heart of all Spanish speakers, in which we’ve put heart, hard work, many hours, but I think is an honest work, is worth for Hispanics to listen to and celebrate the voice and music of Andrea Bocelli (aprile 507)
Andrea (in  Italian): He is too good to me. (in English:) Anyway, I forgot that I spoke Italian! I have to speak in English... but probably somebody will do the translation... Anyway, I say bye bye to everybody because I am starting for America, and as soon as possible I will come back to Italy in order to finish all the details of this big, big work. Thank you to everbody, Tony, Valerio, Paulo, everybody!"
 partly translations: Annalisa and Aprile507
Original text
Andrea: Allora: per tutti gli amici del sito web “Andrea Bocelli”, per tutti gli amici sparsi in tutto il mondo; probabilmente ricordate il nostro incontro dell’altra volta dove ormai vi ho presentato quasi tutto lo staff che ha collaborato a questo disco cominciando con Valerio, Pierpaolo, il nascostissimo Tony Renis e David Foster che oggi invece è ripartito per Los Angeles per finire l’album là. Ma mancò l’altra volta il nostro...l’eminenza grigia di questo disco. L’eminenza grigia perchè tante raggioni. E’ quello che più di...quasi più di tutti l’ha voluto, lo ha pensato, ha scelto molte cose, ha curato il suono fin dal primo giorno e ci ha, soprattutto mi ha aiutato nella lingua spagnola perchè io non conoscevo nulla dello spagnolo e invece ora ho imparato (alcune parole in spangolo), e io ora ve lo presento. Molti di voi lo conosceranno perchè ormai è famoso, direi celeberrimo in tutto il mondo:

Humberto Gatica: Primeramente gracias por darme(la) esta oportunidad de haber colaborado con una de las grandes voces del planeta. Un ser humano con una sensibilidad musical extraordinaria y espero que este proyecto llegue a los corazones de todos los habla hispana, en el cual se ha puesto mucho corazón, mucho trabajo, muchas horas, pero yo pienso que es un trabajo honesto y un trabajo digno de los hispanos de escuchar y celebrar la voz y la música de Andrea Bocelli.

Andrea: è troppo buono Anyway, I forgot that I spoke Italian! I have to speak in English... but probably somebody will do the translation... Anyway, I say bye bye to everybody because I am starting for America, and as soon as possible I will come back to Italy in order to finish all the details of this big, big work. Thank you to everbody, Tony, Valerio, Paulo, everybody!"
Mitschrift von  Stefy, Nellie und Laura in Originalsprache


Enjoy an online interview with Andrea at the PBS website