November 12, 2010
London - the O2 Arena


Still on Cloud 9 having returned only a short time ago from this concert. I
just wanted to share my experience and provide feedback on the programme for
those interested.

Sadly the start was delayed for half an hour as a result of production
problems. No doubt the people behind stage were as anxious as us, to get
things underway. After what seemed like an eternity waiting for people to
get to their seats, the lights gradually dimmed and excitement mounted. As
the concert began, words were displaid on the large screen in English as
Andrea explained his love of music, how much this plays a part in his life
and to thank everyone for being there. Marcello Rota then came on to the
stage and the programme began.

Andrea looked absolutely stunning, so distinguished with hair peppered in
silver and shorter than usual, beautifully groomed in his black tux, white
shirt and black tie. He gave us that fabulous smile we know so well and took
his bow. The audience soaked up everything he offered from that moment on.
To begin with his hands were a little clenched but these were relaxed by the
time he sang 'La Donna E Mobile', the right hand and arm clearly moving in
time to the music.

For the pieces from Andrea's 'My Christmas' album, he changed into a white
jacket and said the reason for this was that he wanted to wish us a 'Happy
Christmas'. During the later duet with Sabina Cvilak, Andrea took a dance
hold and they twirled around for a few minutes, delighting everyone. What a
wonderful addition this made. I've no doubt many women in the audience would
have loved to swap places with Sabina at this point. As ever Andrea was very
attentive and warm towards his guests, putting his arm around them, holding
hands and wispering words of reasurrance whenever possible.

Sabina Cvilazk was totally amazing, a wonderful voice and a real pleasure to
see her again after Teatro Del Silenzio in 2009. The Div4s offered something
different and were a most welcome addition to the programme. I really
enjoyed Heather Headley singing both 'Blue Christmas' and 'What Child is
This' but prefer Celine Dion/Andrea's original version of 'The Prayer'.
Seeing Andrea for the first time performing on Celine's 'Christmas Special'
will always have a special place in my heart - he absolutely blew me away
with his fabulous voice and the rest as they say, is history.

At the end of the set programme calls rang out repeatedly for encores and
Andrea generously perofrmed four. He received standing ovations for 'The
Prayer', 'Time to Say Goodbye' and 'Nessum Dorma'. All too soon the evening
was over and sadly we had to say our final farewell.

What a fantastic evening Andrea, you really did us proud, as we say here in
the UK!

Thank you so... so... much


Details of the programme were copied from the Tour Guide/Program. Please
accept my apologies for any mistakes in this or the artist/s performing.
It's always difficult absorbing everything at the time and being accurate
when recalling them later.

Conductor - Marcello Rota
The British Philharmonic Orchestra/Crouch End Festival Chorus
Soprano - Sabina Cvilak
Guest Singer - Heather Headley
Guest Singers - Div4s

Part 1
Va Pensiero from Nabucco - G Verdi The British Philharmonic Orchestra &
Crouch End Festival Chorus
Ah, La Paterna Mano from Macbeth - G Verdi Andrea
La Donna E Mobile from Rigoletto - G Verdi Andrea i
Un Bel Di'Vedremo from Madama Butterfly - G Puccini Sabina Cvilak
Meco All'Altar De Venere from Norma - V Bellini Div4s (If my memory serves
me correctly)
Di Quella Pira from Il Trovatore - G Verdi Andrea
Si, Mi Chiamano Mimi from La Boheme - G Puccini Sabina Cvilak
Mario, Marion.. Duet Ist Act from Tosca - G Puccini Sabina Cvilak and Andrea
Brindisi from La Traviata - G Verdi Sabina Cvilak, Andrea and Div4s

Part 2
Dance and Love Song from Romeo and Juliet - N Rota Div4s
Where e'er you Walk from Semele - G Haendel Andrea
Musica Probita - S Gastaldon Andrea
Granada - A Lara Andrea
Song and Fox-Trot from the Nights of Cabiria - N Rota Div4s
Silent Night - F Gruber Andrea
Angels We Have Heard on High D Foster/R Foster Andrea
Barcarolle from Les Contes D'Hoffmann - J Offenbach Sabina Civlak and Andrea
(I think)
Blue Christmas - B Hayes J Johnson Heather Headley and Andrea
Adeste Fideles - Traditional Andrea

What Child is This - Heather Headley and Andrea
The Prayer - Heather Headley and Andrea
Time to Say Goodbye - Sabina Cvilak, Div4s and Andrea
Nessum Dorma - Andrea
by Marion Woozeer
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