September 26, 2008
Chiesa degli Eremitani, Padova, Italy
I am still in Italy on holidays, but I guess you maybe would like to know
something about the concert yesterday.
Padova is not far away from Verona, and the concert has taken place in la
Chiesa degli Eremitani, which is built like a hall. So there was a fantastic
acoustics, and to hear Andrea singing in a church, in this atmosphere, was a
wonderful experience. His voice sounded great, very clear and strong, it
conquered the whole room! Also the orchestra - I Solisti Veneti - and the
choir - Wiener Singakademie - have given a great performance.
And it was that kind of music, that I love:

Andrea Bocelli : Padre nostro (composed by Andrea himself??)
C.-A. Franck : Panis Angelicus
P. Mascagni : Ave Maria
G. Puccini : Messa di Gloria

Andrea in a tailcoat, his hair is longer again, he was on stage all over the
time (no intermission).
During la Messa di Gloria he was sitting on a chair, because he had only
three parts to sing. When it was the part of the choir, he sometimes was
singing with them (I guess he did, because he moved his lips). It seems to
be that he was in a good mood!
As encore he was singing "Domine Deus" from La petite messe solenelle.
At the end of the concert he said something about "I Solisti Veneti", but he
did it without microphone, and so - with my little Italian - I unfortunately
did not understand him.
Very strong applause, as Andrea entered the stage, and also after each
The church was sold out, round about 1000 people.

The reason of this concert was at first the 150. birthday of Giacomo
Puccini, and second the 50. birthday of "I Solisti Veneti". Therefore the
approximately first 30 rows have been reservated for the guests of the
orchestra. I was sitting in the first row for the "normal" spectators, but
it was rather far away from stage, too far away to make good pictures.
Nevertheless the concert has had something special. As I saw la Messa di
Gloria in Florence two years ago, I have written: Andrea' s voice is made
for the music from G. Puccini, and after the concert in Padova I only can
confirm this!

Mille grazie, Andrea, di nuovo era un avvenimento magnifico da ascoltare la
tua voce!

by Anne K. Dersch

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