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New York
Madison Square Garden
June 13, 2002

New York, June 13 2002 - thanks to Sue

I must say it was a great honor to be able to sit front row center In MSG to see Andrea Bocelli perform in concert.. Yes, my husband & I had the best 2 seats in the house.

At first I was in a panic as I could not see a microphone on stage and there were some big cameras in front of me but out came Bocellli standing directly in front of me -- LESS THAN 15 FEET AWAY!!!!

I sat & stared as out came those angelic sounds from Mr. Bocelli's mouth and the tears came out of my eyes. Luckily I controlled myself after he sant the first song "Vesti La Giubba". I really cannot describe how I felt the rest of the night watching and listening to this magnificient man sing. His voice was grand throughout the night & I could feel the emotion he was expressing in each song he sang.

Next Bocelli sang "Aranjuez, My Dream" in Spanish which I beleive is suppose to be on his next CD-Love Duets. To my suprise and delight Bocelli had come out during the performance and sang "E Lucevan le Stelle" from Tosca. This was not on the program. WOW! I heard Bocelli sing this before but this was the best. His voice was eloquent and he demonstrated his singing ability as a true Puccini tenor.

Throughout the night Ana Maria Martinez sang several solos and duets with Andrea Bocelli. I must admit Ms. Martinez is one of my favorite sopranos. After seeing both perform together in many prior concert I must admit they seem so relaxed together. I expecially loved the Madama Butterfly duet they performed together called "Viene la sera". EXCELLENT job done by both.

It's amazing the emotions you can feel by watching the two of them reacting to each other as they sing. Gave me the chills. After performing several other songs and listening to Steven Mercurio conduct several pieces out came the BIG Suprise of the night. There was Bocelli standing with a flute in his hands. After saying a few words on how he does not play that much or that well -- out came some beautiful notes. He then proceeded to sing "Melodramma." Another tear jerker.

ANOTHER BIG SUPRISE - out rolled a piano. Bocelli with the biggest grin I ever saw sang "My Way" and I will honestly say the BEST version I ever heard!

Other songs that night were "Because" sung in english where Bocelli apoligized to the audience for not speaking the language that well. I don't know why, as he sang and spoke very clearly.

Duet of "Time to Say Goodbye," and "O Sole Mio" sung twice--an extra as another encore.

Spectacular night. Many well knows at MSG -- Isabella Rosellini, Libby Pataki, Alfonse D'Amato, the Trumps, and many more.

My final words: BOCELLI YOU ARE THE BEST and thank you for a memorable night I will never forget and neither will anyone else in the audience that night.

Big Fan Sue from NYC/USA
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